Application effect of reflective heat insulation coating
1. The reflective heat insulation coating can reduce the temperature of the radiated surface by more than 30% in the open sun, the maximum temperature drop of the painted object surface can be more than 20 ??, and the space temperature in the object can be reduced by more than 5 ??.
    2. It can cover the small cracks on the painted object and has a good waterproof and anti leakage effect, and has a good role in protecting the substrate.
    3. Reflective heat insulation coating is applied on the metal surface. The coating can prevent the contact of air and water while heat insulation. To a certain extent, it can prevent metal corrosion and prolong the service life of metal articles.
    4. Brushing on the object with condensation environment can prevent the generation of condensation water, and has the functions of heat preservation, water-proof, moisture-proof, mildew proof and scrubbing.
    5. Reflective thermal insulation coating is used for thermal insulation, which can keep 90% of the heat of the object.
    6. It is used for building coating. It has the advantages of heat preservation, anti cracking, anti mildew, waterproof, fireproof, moistureproof, soundproof and washable.
    7. It can be applied on outdoor equipment to prevent heat, water and sun, and reduce the working temperature of the equipment.

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