Classification of thermal insulation coatings
Heat insulation coating is a kind of building coating with energy-saving effect. According to its heat insulation mechanism, there are mainly three kinds.
    (1) The barrier heat insulation coating can realize heat insulation by impedance of heat transfer. In the process of coating preparation, low thermal conductivity materials and air with low thermal conductivity are mainly selected. The commonly used heat resistant fillers are hollow glass beads, hollow ceramic powder, hollow fiber, sepiolite, vermiculite, perlite, etc.
    (2) The thermal reflective coating mainly reflects the spectral energy of sunlight at 400-1800nm. The reflective material is nano material.
    (3) The radiation heat insulation coating mainly emits the absorbed     sunlight and heat into the air at a certain wavelength. The material used is a variety of metal oxides, such as iron oxide, manganese dioxide, cobalt oxide, copper oxide and other reflective spinel dopants. The above functions can also be combined, such as insulation coating with both barrier and reflection functions, etc., which is also the development trend of insulation coating.

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